Short Term ( by the end of this quarter 09-10)

•Hire full-time American Indian Resource Center and Women’s Center directors with student voice in open hiring process
•Maintain academic integrity and current structure of Community Studies Dept. by keeping field study
coordinators Mike Rotkin and Flor Marchetti and Department Manager Penny Stinson and not merging the department into Sociology.
•Retain both Latin American and Latino Studies professors Guillermo Delgado and Susan Jonas
•Makes UCSC a sanctuary campus for undocumented communities
•UCSC openly and publicly support the state and Federal DREAM Act
•Permanent funding for Ethnic- Year-End Ceremonies from college C.A.O.s and Provosts
•Resource Center representative as liaison between local tribes and UCSC in order to maintain respectable relationships with local tribes
•Support Family Student Housing in receiving equitable rent for next year 09-10 funding (no rent increase)
•Fair transparent negotiations with workers and unions to ensure equitable pay, working condition and representation
•No layoffs!
•No worker deportations by ICE
•Freeze on Budget Cuts over the summer, while students are not present

Long Term:

•Institutionalize scholarships and other resources for AB540 students
•Access and affordability to higher education for underrepresented communities- STOP STUDENT FEE HIKES!
•Outreach and retention of faculty and staff of color (including hiring a full-time Counseling & Psychological Services staff of color)
•Fill Asian American “specialist” position for American Studies
•Movement towards an Ethnic Studies Program
•Affordable and quality housing for under resourced immigrant students
•No cuts to Disability student resources
•No cuts to Rape Awareness Programs

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